Q: I am new to tax foreclosure. How do I get started?

Tax foreclosure properties are sold at public auction. We have important information for bidders detailed at length on our website. We also recommend attending a live auction in a county near you. To see all of our upcoming auctions, please refer to our tax foreclosure sales page. If you still have lingering questions, always feel free to contact our office or email taxsales@kanialawfirm.com.

Q: Where do foreclosure auctions take place?

We hold our foreclosure auctions at the County Courthouse where the property in question is located, usually on the courthouse steps. The location of the sale rarely changes, but any change would be noted prior to the sale.

Q: My property has been referred to your office for tax foreclosure. How do I stop the foreclosure action?

To stop a foreclosure action, the taxes and attorney’s fees must be paid in full. Please note that simply paying off taxes and fees does not transfer ownership of the property to one person. It simply stops a foreclosure action. Please contact our office, and we will be happy to walk you through any available options.

Q: Can I buy a property before it goes to public auction?

By law, The Kania Law Firm cannot sell you the property before it goes to auction. A property in foreclosure cannot be bought by paying off taxes and fees currently owing. The sale is what transfers ownership from one party to another. 

Q:  If I win the bid and tender my purchase funds, is the deed I receive clear of all liens?

A tax foreclosure action, if properly conducted, extinguishes all liens, unless otherwise excluded on the Sale Notice.  However, our office does not normally certify title to buyers unless retained to do so by you, so you are encouraged to have your attorney review the title should you have any title concerns.

Q:  I don’t know how much money to bring to the sale, because I don’t know at what  price I might win the bid.  How much time do we have to make the initial deposit after placing the winning bid at the Courthouse sale?

It is highly recommended that you bring at least $750.00 to the sale in cash or certified funds, since this will be  the minimum deposit you need to make, as well as sufficient cash  to cover any additional amounts you may be required to deposit.  If however your funds are insufficient, we will generally wait for up to 30 minutes after the sale for you to obtain additional funds from your bank.  If you fail to return within 30 minutes with your deposit, the bid process will start anew and the property will be resold.

Q: Do you hold tax foreclosure sales in my county?

Feel free to use our tax foreclosure sales page to see if there are active foreclosure files in your county. We currently represent about 20 counties and municipalities in North Carolina.

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Q: I am an out of state investor. Is there any way your law firm could place a bid for me?

No, we cannot place a bid on your behalf since it would be a conflict of interest. An attorney or agent on your behalf may attend the sale or place an upset bid at the courthouse.

Q: Can I bid for properties online?

All bids must be placed at the county courthouse.

Q: Do I need to register to bid at auction?

No, tax foreclosure auctions in North Carolina are free to the public. The only thing you will need on the day of the sale is your bid deposit in cash or certified funds.