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Ensure your rights to a property with a thorough title search.

Put simply, title searching involves examining county records to establish the title history of a property. Some of the records examined can include property indexes, court records, deeds, and a variety of other documents. Title searching is one of the many real estate law services we offer at The Kania Law Firm, and you can trust our extensive experience to provide superior results and outcomes for your title search in Western North Carolina.

Title Searching in Western North Carolina

Overall, the purpose of title searching is to ensure the seller actually owns the property and that the parcel is not clouded with a title claim, mortgage claim, lien, or any other claim that could harm a new owner’s right to complete ownership. If title insurance is involved in the process, part of this endeavor also involves making sure the title can be insured once the property is sold to a new owner.

Some assume they can do title searching independently of an attorney before purchasing new property. This can be a grave mistake because those lacking extensive experience in real estate often increase their risk by not reviewing the documents properly. Our goal as a firm is to help you defend any attacks that may jeopardize the title on a property.

Leave title searching to our committed attorneys at The Kania Law Firm for the best results. For additional information about performing a title search and our thorough, reliable process, please give our office a call today.