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Our firm manages lien foreclosures and provides the latest information about upcoming listings and auctions for those interested in making a bid.

When a county or city government is unable to collect delinquent property taxes from a taxpayer, they have the ability to foreclose on the property to recover what is owed on the property. These tax foreclosures can be performed by the county or city tax office, or they can retain an attorney through the process of judicial tax foreclosure. Just like lien foreclosures on behalf of a bank, tax foreclosures are another way to recover lost revenue. Since the foreclosure sale is seeking to repay the delinquent takes and attorney’s fees, the buyers have the chance to purchase the property for a much lower price than its usual market value. Here at the Kania Law Firm, we represent over twenty counties and municipalities in Western North Carolina and statewide.

Lien Foreclosures in Charlotte, North Carolina

We manage foreclosure properties and maintain a list of those going up for auction so that you can seize that opportunity if you wish. Here at The Kania Law Firm, we generally hold our foreclosure sales at the courthouse of the county in which the property in question is located, often on the courthouse steps. While you can peruse the list of properties claimed in lien foreclosures via our website, you will not be able to place a bid that way. Either you or an agent or attorney who represents you must be physically present at the auction in order to enter a bid.

We at The Kania Law Firm are proud to serve Western North Carolina, and we want to help you find the best deal on a property sale. If you are interested in buying a foreclosed property, contact us today to find out more about your next steps.

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