Tax Foreclosures

Interested in investing? Review the foreclosure listings our firm is representing.

Tax foreclosures involve pieces of property that will eventually be sold by either the county or municipal government to cover the cost of delinquent taxes. Just like the IRS can impose a lien for taxes that remain unpaid, liens can be placed on properties when income taxes go unpaid. Our law firm, The Kania Law Firm, represents county and municipal governments responsible for collecting these delinquent taxes by managing properties undergoing tax foreclosures in North Carolina.

Tax Foreclosures, North Carolina

If you are interested in purchasing a tax foreclosure property in North Carolina, we encourage you to look over our up-to-date list of properties going up for auction. In most cases, the bidding process occurs at the County Courthouse. Although the county or municipal government will try to gain as much as they can from the sale of the property, most tax foreclosure sales sell at a lower price point than market value.

After purchasing a tax foreclosure property at auction, the home or land is yours to do what you wish, just like if you went through with a traditional purchase. Please note that before purchase, however, you cannot legally enter it without the owner’s permission to view its condition.

We can tell you more about the foreclosure listings our firm represents at any point, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at The Kania Law Firm. Thanks to our seasoned and committed attorneys, we will ensure you receive reliable advice and helpful guidance.

Tax Foreclosures in Davidson County, NC
Tax Foreclosures in Mecklenburg County, NC


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