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Tax Foreclosure Sales are conducted a little bit differently in each location. It is important for investors to understand how the process works so that they are well equipped for successful bidding. If you are an investor, please note that county courthouses may have different hours of operation, locations, auction procedures and upset bid requirements. We encourage you to review what the sale process looks like in the location of which you are interested in purchasing property.

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Foreclosure Listings in North Carolina

A tax foreclosure property will be sold by the municipal or county government to raise money to cover delinquent taxes. In North Carolina, liens can be placed on properties for unpaid income taxes, just like the IRS can impose a lien for unpaid federal taxes. At The Kania Law Firm, we represent county and municipal governments to collect delinquent taxes by selling foreclosure listings at auctions to interested buyers.

We maintain a current list of foreclosure listings in Western North Carolina, and we welcome you to look over these listings for any properties that interest you. If you decide to bid on a property, the bidding process generally takes place on the steps of the County Courthouse or another location. State law is designed to gain as much as possible from the foreclosed property, but most of these properties sell for much lower than market value.

As you look at foreclosure listings, please note that you have no legal right to physically enter the property. However, if the owner is present, they may give you permission to inspect the premises before you place your bid at auction. If you are the winner of the auction, you also have the legal right to sell the property immediately, unless an IRS lien is present.

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Contact us at The Kania Law Firm if you would like additional information about the foreclosure listings our firm is currently representing. We ensure you will receive accurate information and reliable advice, thanks to our seasoned attorneys and commitment to superior client interactions.

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