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Our team manages foreclosure property sales, and can give you all the information you need to take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

There are many reasons to seek out legal assistance. Most people associate asking for a lawyer with criminal proceedings, but the truth is the majority of legal consultations take place for far more mundane matters. One such area that many lawyers are involved in is foreclosures. A foreclosed property is one that has been claimed by a party other than the mortgage holder because the holder has failed to keep up with payments. Often, foreclosed properties are claimed by the bank that holds the mortgage, but they can also be claimed by the government in response to unpaid property taxes. Our team at The Kania Law Firm represents the county and municipal governments responsible for collecting these delinquent taxes by managing these foreclosed properties.

Foreclosures in Western North Carolina

Following foreclosures, the properties are then sold at auction so the owner can recoup some of their money. Foreclosure properties typically sell for below market value, so they tend to be attractive to buyers. If you are interested in purchasing a foreclosed property, we at The Kania Law Firm can help. We maintain an up-to-date list of properties going up for auction so that you can see if there are any you wish to bid on. If you win the bid, you can do whatever you wish with the property, just as you can following a traditional sale. Note, however, that before purchase, you are not legally allowed to enter the property to view its condition without the owner’s permission.

We at The Kania Law Firm are proud to serve North Carolina and are happy to tell you more about any of the foreclosure properties on our list. Our experts will provide the reliable advice and sound guidance you need to make the best decision.

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