Jay A. Kania

Jay A. KaniaJay Kania is one of the most experienced title attorneys in the State, having certified over 25,000 titles from the most simple to the most complex commercial lands.  He has conducted thousands of real estate closing as well over his 30+ years as a practicing attorney, and currently oversees the Firm’s title department.  Jay also holds joint degrees from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill (B.A. 1981; J.D. 1985), and an MBA from the University of Georgia @ Athens.
An avid crossword puzzle fan, Jay has competed in national crossword puzzle and Scrabble contests, and in his spare time is either on his lathe, with his children, or arguing that muzjik is in fact a word.
Although a rabid Tarheels fan, he has nevertheless left is face-painting days.  Still, he has never missed a game at Carmichael, and gets particularly energized when his beloved Tarheels beat Dook.