County Sales Auction Tips for
First-Time Buyers

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When you have decided to take a chance of buying a property in a different way than traditional real estate purchases, such as at a county sales auction, you might be ready to jump right in or you might be one of the buyers who is a little more hesitant. Whichever group you fall into, however, be sure to take note of a few of these county sales auction tips for first-time buyers that we have complied here at The Kania Law Firm.

County Sales Auction Tips for First-Time Buyers

  • Tip #1- Do plenty of investigating before ever bidding. When you decide to try county sales auctions, it can be easy to be sucked into the potential of getting a great deal. However, make sure to slow yourself down until you are familiar with the process of what happens during a county sales auction and have read through our FAQ page. This can help you familiarize yourself with potential scenarios that might happen during the auction process. Our firm also recommends attending a sale on the courthouse steps, even if you do not plan on bidding.
  • Tip #2- Drive by the property if you can. There are some county sales auctions that will give a list of addresses before starting the bidding. Whenever possible, use this to your advantage and drive by the property (you are not allowed inside or on the property by law) to determine if the area is advantageous.
  • Tip #3- Check Public Records. County sales auctions fall subject to any existing easements and restrictions. Helpful resources like the County GIS website or the Register of Deeds can help you understand how land can be used once you have purchased it at auction.