Advantages of Buying Foreclosed Homes

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When it comes to making any sizeable investment, it is wise to do your homework and investigate the pros and cons before proceeding. If you are in the process of determining whether buying foreclosed homes is right for you, here are some advantages for you to think about.

Foreclosed homes are owned by a delinquent taxpayer

  • Lower Price- Foreclosed homes are owned by a delinquent taxpayer who has defaulted on their loan or hasn’t paid their property taxes or other liens. They do not want to hold these properties any longer than is necessary, and while they want to get as much as they can, they are most concerned with covering what they have in it, which is often far less than market value.
  • Ease of Financing- It can be easier to finance a property when you are paying below market value for it, as the lender feels comfortable their interest is covered. You’ll also be able to qualify more easily with a lower down payment and monthly payment than a full-price property would involve.
  • Improved ROI- As an investor, you want the greatest return on your investment. That can certainly be realized when you get properties at less than market value. In addition, it can leave you with enough cash to improve and then flip the property, benefiting from the appreciated value.

If you are considering buying foreclosed homes, you can get the help you need here at The Kania Law Firm, including the availability of foreclosure listings so you can stay on top of the property auctions coming up in your area of North Carolina. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have if you are trying to determine if this is a viable investment method for you.