How to Read Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosure listings allow you to learn what auctions are coming up that you might be interested in. The listing shows you enough information so that you can begin researching the property to decide if it would make a good investment for your portfolio. When you are looking at foreclosure listings with us at The Kania Law Firm, you’ll be able to sort them by any of the included fields to save you time if you wish to limit your search to a specific county, sale date, or opening bid, for example.

We handle foreclosure listings throughout North Carolina

We handle foreclosure listings throughout North Carolina, so you will be able to find properties in many counties throughout the state. The column to the right of the county is the address and parcel number. You are welcome to drive by these properties and review the neighborhood, but you cannot trespass on the property. If the owner is present and permits it, you may perform an inspection before you place your bid at auction.

The next two columns show the sale date, time, and tax value. The sale will be conducted at the time and date given at the courthouse with jurisdiction over the area where the property is located. The next two columns depict opening bid and current bid, followed by the close date and a status, if applicable. The last two columns are file numbers so that if you need to contact us or the county, you can use these numbers to let them know which property you are asking about.

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have about how to read our foreclosure listings or obtain additional information about tax and lien foreclosures. Contact us today to learn more.